Meet our founders

The team that established the KENCOIN Project

Laurent Chekroun


Laurent is the CEO and Co-founder of Kencoin. He is a graduate from one on the top French universities ISG in the past. Prior to founding Kencoin, He has worked for top financial firms and investment houses over the past 25 years. His work experience includes Goldman Sachs, Société Générale Investment Bank and Cantor Fitzgerald amongst others. The Ashley Madison data breach caused great harm to a lot of innocent individuals who were promised 100% privacy. This and other flaws in the adult entertainment industry caused Laurent to come up with an alternate payment method for pornography and dating websites. That alternate payment method became Kencoin. Laurent made sure that this method will be 100% anonymous and untraceable, therefor guaranteeing consumer’s privacy & security.

Nikolay Livadkin


Nikolay graduated from the prestigious ESSEC business school in France and later went on to pursue a career in law. He later became the Senior Intellectual Property Attorney for Louis Vuitton. During his 18 years of working for Louis Vuitton, he gained a lot of insight on what clients want. Many clients want their privacy assured and to know that they are 100% secure while making a transaction. The emphasis Kencoin has on anonymity and security is what drew Nikolay to this project. Understanding clients and their wants and needs are one of the many things Nikolay contributed to the project. Today he is also focused on Kencoin’s branding.

Michael Rabi


Michael is the CTO of Kencoin. He received his B.A. in computer science with honours from the Afeka College of Engineering in Israel and has over 3 years of experience working in programming for the top Israeli software and game development companies. During his time working for software companies, Michael became very interested in the world of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and blockchain technologies. He is our go-to guy for anything computer related. When he is not in front of a computer screen, he enjoys watching Game of Thrones and anything Star Wars related.

Nathanael Cohen


Nathanael is the CMO of Kencoin and the youngest member of Kencoin’s executive staff. Recently graduated from an MBA in Finance and Risk Management in Paris, he joined the KenCoin team at the beginning of the year. He was an early adopter of Ethereum since 2015, after becoming fascinated by the ability for smart contracts and blockchain to revolutionize information economies. Nathanael has worked for several companies abroad in Honk-Kong or New-York in marketing and business development all along his academic career. Seasoned salesperson, he works on the establishment and implementation of new partnerships with adult industry websites as well as the promotion and marketing of the KEN token.

Feliks Koslov


Feliks Kozlov is a FinTech entrepreneur and consultant with more than 6 years in blockchain technology. He was an early adopter in the blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency space starting in 2011. He has pioneered emerging market FinTech business models and blockchain application R&D such as cryptographic proof of solvency, zero-knowledge proofs, and trade finance. He has been an invited speaker about blockchain technology in Asia, Europe, and North America, and has been recognized as FinTech pioneer from financial institutions such as SWIFT and BBVA.

KenCoin advisors

KenCoin is working with experts and professionals from all over the world, acting as advisors for our project.
Their opinions and guidance are helping us to promote and drive global adoption throughout the adult industry.

Bryan Houri


Bryan Houri is an experienced Sales and Communication Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the start-up and internet industry. Professional marketer with working experience in Israel and foreign companies, it’s also an expert in marketing and PR, strategic planning and sales. Graduated from an MBA in Marketing and communication, his scholar and professional path have made him a trend scout and a great communicator. More recently, Bryan has leveraged his ability to promote and evaluate traditional companies and startups into the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICOs.

Kenji Cheung


Kenji Cheung is an entrepreneur and a renowned cryptocurrency investment advisor from Hong-Kong. He co-founded some startups of his own that engaged in Online To Offline (O2O) services, Entertainment, and Cryptocurrency investment such as Space Capital Group Limited.

He manages Crypto28, which is considered as one of the biggest crypto-website in Hong-Kong. Kenji has a large network and is considered one of the top Asian advisors for the cryptocurrency market.

Jon Bannister


A wealth of experience specializing in tailored content creation marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and network exposure. Jon is working on a number of high profile ICO’s and an influencer within the Finance/Banking arena, with an extensive LinkedIn following of over 85,000 people.

In-depth crypto trading background with Binance and Coinbase, currently with a mass portfolio of over 250,000,000 different coins and tokens.

Daniel Veroste


Daniel is a computer science graduate from Luxembourg which has enthusiasm for a lot of fields such as scalable systems architecture, signal processing, machine-learning algorithms, scalable distributed systems solutions, blockchain and more.
Crypto-enthusiast, it’s a long-time believer in the revolutionary power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He has bought his first Ether in 2014 and work in the Blockchain industry since 2013. Daniel has deep-knowledge in development and programming with extensive experience on different aspects of software development including frontend and backend Web development, cryptocurrencies, Android, iOS or IoT.

Richard Trummer


Experienced ICO Advisor, influencer, Blockchain Investor and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. Richard is passionate about decentralization and bringing more opportunities to the masses.

He has a big network in the cryptocurrency space and is a member of private investors group and several investor pools. Eager to bring back the power to the people.

Our partners

In Kencoin they trust

The Kencoin foundation will be registered as Non-Profit foundation in Zug, Switzerland.
The Kencoin team will retain the service of a leading Swiss Law firm such as MME in order to register the Kencoin Foundation.
The Foundation will abide and comply with the Swiss Laws and regulation. The Kencoin foundation will be audited by KPMG.

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